Version: 2.07 || Release Date: 2010-07-31 || License: Freeware Developer: Thomas Wiesehöfer | App Owner: indiekiduk

When you are working in the Finder and you discover that you need a terminal window you have to open the Terminal and "cd" to the folder you were working on. With OpenTerminal you just click its icon and a terminal with the correct path shows up.

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is there anyway you can release a version that works with PathFinder as well?

This is a lot easier to configure than ">cd to…", includes a nice contextual menu plugin and I also found it to be a lot more reliable than ">cd to…", e.g. ">cd to..." doesn't work with my shell.

`>cdto` seems better to me

Quite a handy little app! :)

That's a nice feature Windows' cmd had for quite a few years. About time it made it into Terminal, too. Thanks a lot :)