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Version: 0.95 || Release Date: 2006-10-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Pyehouse Developments | App Owner: matt

The Terminal Here plugin provides a Contextual Menu Module for the Finder in OS X. This CMM provides a popup menu item when right clicking on a directory or file with the option to 'Open Terminal Here'. When used on a file, it acts as if you used it on the directory the file is in.

When selected, will be launched if it is not already running, and a new window will be opened and a cd command issued to switch to the appropriate directory.

This is primarily intended for those who do a lot of UNIX style work and really need the to do it.

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I use the same command, but from within OnMyCommand, which is a free multi-purpose context-menu.

If you want to install different context-menu items for different tasks, I recommend OnMyCommand as a central, one-stop-shop hub for all of them. As opposed to install separate cm products.

@Anyone interested in this app:
Try the link beej posted 3 posts down. Quick & useful (drag to toolbar, click to open a terminal window, and you can also drop folders onto it), and there's a lot of other interesting stuff on his page.

I made a page for an Intel version of this here

Try this app, very easy to use and a nice readme

intel mac users can use the Open Terminal Here Toolbar Script available from

I've added install instructions to the dmg:
Copy TerminalHerePlugin.plugin to ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ (for current user only) or /Library/Contextual Menu Items/ (for all users)

How do you install it? The readme doesn't say, and apparently his site is emptied...

New download link added.

It seems this doesn't work on Intel Macs?