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Opera makes it quick and simple to find the information you want. With features like tabs, popup blocking, an integrated search field, and the ability to remember the sites your visited in a previous session, you control your browsing experience. Opera blocks viruses, spyware, and phishing web sites, too. All while being shockingly fast!

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what else is needed? keychain integration. right now the only 3rd party browser for os x that fully supports keychain (that includes multiple logins on a single domain and the ability to read & create/alter keychain entries which are compatible/have been created with other applications, like safari) is camino. i have used opera on windows and linux & can attest to the fact that it is a fantastically quick and full-featured browser, but, the only thing which prevents me from using opera on my mac(s) is its lack of keychain integration/support. i cannot fathom why opera doesn't have its mac team working on this, i mean, a lot of us (including myself) have hundreds of keychain entries, and there's no way i'm going to regularly use a browser unless it can read and write keychain entries... in-fact, even an importer [from keychain to wand] of some sort, would be a good step. i'm sure a lot of people would be more apt to try opera for mac, if some sort of keychain support was added.

Like it. It is light, quick, safe, and cusomizable. What else is needed?

Quite nice, I use it as a third browser, in third position after Safari (first) and Firefox (second).
Too bad its look isn't very Mac native.
(Also: I can't set "; Command" to zoom out 10%, the shortcut gets deleted everytime I try to set it.)

I use the Windows version as my main browser at work, though. :)

The best browser in my opinion. Fast surfing, top nine favourites when opening a new tab, easy navigation through the web with mouse gestures and the sites are real fast at loading. I like that it can download bit torrents without using an extra client.

Have tried Safari for a few weeks, but came back to Opera.
Great thing.

The hell it does, ohwhateverblah. It's a big improvement over previous versions, but at best it's still only compatible to Firefox, interface-wise.

Looks nice enough to kick the tires, though. Any excellent features I should look for?

It's brilliant and the new 9.5 version now looks like a proper native Mac application!

The only browser that I've stuck with as my primary browser for more than a few months at a time. Every time I 'need' something that I'm accustomed to using through FF I search around and find out that it was already built in. The View>Styles menu is also invaluable for dealing with messy CSS.

Fastest browser for me.

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