Version: 18.0.1284.63 || Release Date: 2013-12-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Opera Software | App Owner: junyor

Opera makes it quick and simple to find the information you want. With features like tabs, popup blocking, an integrated search field, and the ability to remember the sites your visited in a previous session, you control your browsing experience. Opera blocks viruses, spyware, and phishing web sites, too. All while being shockingly fast!

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Simply the best browser . Email is right there in the browser window too , no need to have two applications open at the same time .

Pair Opera with Privoxy to block adverts and pop-ups , match made in internet heaven .

I way prefer Opera over Firefox on Windows. However, on the Mac, I just use Safari. And I haven't really run into any sort of compatibility problems with Opera, regardless of the Operating System.

A perfect blend of simplicity and power features, more unified for my needs than several apps + extensions all going in different directions.

groxx: quite how you can be 'proud' to remove an application is beyond me? :bemused: I imagine the web app you tested specifically blocked opera, thus you cannot blame it for active discrimination...

Best porn browser bar none. Also now has bit torrent support

Opera would be the best browser on earth if only some site didn't have incompatibility issues (most of which are webmasters fault). The RAM usage is fine and i have no problems with full screen mode... mouse gestures are completely customizable as the interface (buttons ecc), check out this website for everything on Opera: http://operawiki.info/Opera

No matter which OS I use, there is one thing sure : Opera will be on it, since it my main gate to the web

Excellent browser. Small, fast, stable, and more features than any other browser - without too much clutter. Nice.

I could not live without this browser on the Mac - I am so used to all the advanced features that any other browser just seems inadequate.

The Mac port is pretty good, though the interface still needs work on appearing more integrated with OS X, and there are a few niggling problems like a slow startup time and relatively high RAM usage. In general, however, I wish more Mac users checked Opera out, it's an amazing "power user" browser that people often ignore because of the slightly ugly default native skin.

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