Version: 18.0.1284.63 || Release Date: 2013-12-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Opera Software | App Owner: junyor

Opera makes it quick and simple to find the information you want. With features like tabs, popup blocking, an integrated search field, and the ability to remember the sites your visited in a previous session, you control your browsing experience. Opera blocks viruses, spyware, and phishing web sites, too. All while being shockingly fast!

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Opera Unite is interesting for file sharing with friends, except its 'resume' function doesn't seem to robust: doesn't resume after Opera has been restarted, no auto resume? (Like a bittorrent client would do if the source goes back online)

Wonderful browser!

DISASTER!!! Yet Opera is fast or even superfast - still it can not handle and process some importent web pages of infrastructual governmental genre. Opera claims that governments can't code/tag the web pages well enough, but that's not true. Many pages are valied CSS2/3 and HTML - still you may not see some parts of those pages AND you may not log in on some pages. So therefore I do perfere Safari or Camino instead.

10.10 is the current version, however AppFresh is saqying that 10.50 Alpha1 is current. While this may be true, not everyone likes to be on the BLEEDING edge! Isn't there an option to ignore pre-release versions? If not, there should be.

It's a great full featured browser no doubt about this but lack of password export or keychain integration makes it worthless on Mac. I now use Google Chrome.

You can find plenty more here, including some that look like Safari.

(I had to use tinyurl and split the comment in two, due to the 400 characters limit. Maybe urls shouldn't be counted toward the comment length?)

@marcus Entr'acte is a quite popular Mac OS native skin.
I'm using Vistera 3, because I find its buttons more elegant.
I've hidden most of the buttons to keep the look simple (and if command L would pop up the location bar with the current address, I could hide the address bar, and have all toolbars hidden).

@jarosia Where can I find these beautiful Opera themes of which you speak?

I love opera, rendering engine is fast, sure out of the box it doesnt look the best, there are better themes for it that make it look more native.

It might not fit well with mac os x but it's fast, configurable, and lightweight. And that's all I needed to make it my default browser

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