Version: 3.8.3 || Release Date: 2012-04-17 || License: Freeware Developer: Optimism Apps Pty Ltd | App Owner: jbishop

Mood Chart Software for Depression and Bipolar

Optimism is a Mood Chart application that helps you monitor and develop strategies for improving your mental health. Discover the triggers of illness, the warning signs of a decline in your health, and strategies that help you to stay well.

The great strength of Optimism is that it helps you to be proactive. A continual feedback loop, in the form of charts and reports, improves your understanding of your mental health and the things that are helping or hindering you.

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2 Opinions

I agree with jarosia. Fortunately I am using it as a general log for my sleeping habits, mood etc. On my Symbian phone I had Nokia Wellness Diary, which is the best app for such things I have ever found. Optimism is the only one that does a similar thing, as far as I have found.

Im no psychologist but i do know abit about rational emotive behavior therapy, and its probably not a good thing to imply ownership of the person acting depressed.

I think this could be a good idea if the app didnt reinforce that "you are depressed, lets track how depressed you are"