Version: 4.51.2 || Release Date: 2008-10-01 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: Studlar Software | App Owner: frostugh

Osk allows you to work with genealogy information in a very easy and fast way. Keep track of friends, family, celebrities, and any other information that you want to keep track of.

Some Features:

  • Full unicode support
  • Universal Binary
  • Uses multiple cpus if available
  • Create family trees, export them as pictures, and then export your information as a web site
  • Makes it easy to handle difficult information like same sex couples, adoptions and other difficult data, for example when the same persons get married more than once
  • Add multimedia files, like sound, pictures and movies of given person

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2 Opinions

Love it. Use it for keeping information on friends and family. Never forget birthdates, marriage days and such information

Tried it out but will stick with Heredis. It's too basic for what I need but might be okay for some. But for $49 dollars you can get a much more mature Mac Family Tree and you're only $29 dollars away from .