Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2006-12-04 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: nullotheist

OSXvnc is a full featured VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client.

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Leopard's Screen Sharing feature finally puts a decent VNC server into the OS, so I'm no longer using this.

Strange. Works perfectly fine on my side. I've connected to my MacMini through ARD using my iBook, my Linux box and my Windows box. shrugs

bradbeattie: Yes. This actually works. Last time I tried ARD's VNC server, I could not get it to work. ARD may be great if you have the Administrator program, but it doesn't do VNC at all well.

Is there any advantage to this over just activating Apple Remote Desktop in the Sharing preferences pane?

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I've been using version 1.5 happily for a while now.

Isn't this called Vine Server?

Note to admin: I have an icon ready to upload. E-mail me at [email protected] and I'll send it.

As far as I know, foreign keyboard layouts are now supported. Certainly US Extended works.

Gives spinning beachball of death on Mac Pros. I looked at the FAQ, but none of the tips there helped. Kinda useless if it never responds.

Too bad foreign keyboard layouts are not supported. Very frustrating.

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