Version: 2.5.5 || Release Date: 2008-02-25 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Stunt Software | App Owner: sannixtudio

When the Dock is just too small, or not quite the right place to store less frequently used applications or documents, Overflow is the solution. Quickly launch applications you need to use on a semi-regular basis without wasting valuable space in the Dock

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By far my most used program as a designer and musician. Separate all my apps by genre.

After trying Drag Thing for a few years, and just not getting to a comfort level and intuitive ease with that app; I finally gave Overflow a try. I don't know why I waited so long. In seconds I was comfortable and getting everything I needed from this app. SUPERB implementation and execution. Logical, intuitive, functional and just doggone GREAT!! Thanks!

I absolutely love this app, cant live without it... top 5 definitely!! A must have for any app junkie


v2.55 only works on leopard
you'll need v2.54 for tiger

Neet-o. A more manual way to achieve this in Leopard is to create aliases to the stuff you want in a folder and drag it into the dock, now that the dock can pop up things in icon view.

@bitnix : i noticed. and a double nix on my part. the menubar feature has actually been implemented quite nicely. kudos to the dev(s)!

@haleakalari : the option of having a menu bar item, as well as not showing it in the Dock, has now been added!

You can now drag files to the Overflow icon and then to the application in the overflow window to open them.

nix my earlier suggestion for an optional menubar item, after much use of overflow, it has become apparent that a menubar item would not only be a source of clutter, but would be quite redundant... although i still do think an option to hide the dock icon would be neat.

Easily the fastest way of working with a lot of files in different locations at the same time. Open the app with a customizeable keyboard shortcut and and you can access them all from one place. It is as powerful as simple.

a really neat program. if you combined the features of Yadal (dock based ctrl-click menu launcher) and Todos (bezel based launcher with hotkey activation) you would get an application which approximates Overflow. i have been trying it out and so far really like what i see, so i purchased a license. one remark/idea/suggestion though; if there was an included [and optional] menubar item which contained the same list of items organized by category as there is when you ctrl-click the dock icon, along with an option to keep the dock icon hidden, then this would be the ideal and complete launcher utility for mac os x. otherwise this is a mighty fine piece of work, also memory usage is surprisingly quite low.

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