Ovolab Phlink

Version: 3.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-08-17 || License: Commercial with demo ($149) Developer: Ovolab | App Owner: llscotts

Calling Ovolab Phlink an answering machine is like calling Quicksilver a Launcher. Yes, it does provide a very flexible answering service, with great support for Caller ID, but Phlink also has close integration with Mac OS X with very strong support for AppleScript and Address Book. With its Bonjour network support, everybody in the house can get a popup message on their Mac when the phone rings, even identifying the caller if you use Caller ID. Through Applescript, you can manage Phlink remotely to control any system your Mac controls... like a home automation or security system.

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yeah their company is defunct, was cool while it lasted, am looking for alternatives... can quicksilver really answer phone calls and more???

Nice application: I love it !

Why do so few people ues this? Does it suck?

Quicksilver is free.

Anyone has experience with this company's tech support ? Their forum seems full on unanswered problems, and people angry about not receiving replies to their email to tech support.