Version: 5.2 || Release Date: 2014-04-02 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) App Owner: maimecha

Apple's word processing/page layout software. Easy to use and relatively inexpensive (includes the excellent "Keynote" program in the price). Might not replace Word or InDesign but is terrific for making academic posters for conferences.

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Love it to death but stopped using it -- why would an apple-branded app run so horribly slow and crash so much on a macbook pro?

Pages has become my favorite word processor and for desktop publishing. My company stationary designed using Pages.

How it work is amazing, it can make layout easier, no bloated toolbar like MS words.

On G4 iBook, Pages is work slower, also if you zoomed above 200% it will be get slower. Apple need to enhance its speed.

For private writing, TextEdit will do just fine. For writing that needs to be seen by others, on paper or as PDF, Pages does the job, and does it well, too. Lacks x-refs and bibliography tools, but is far prettier than the competition.

I'm starting to like it more and more now. It took a while to get used to.

It's good but really needs improving if it's to compare to Microsoft Word, I was very disappointed to see that Pages 2.0 still didn't have any form of Grammar checking when iWork '06 was announced and CPU usage can quickly get out of hand when working on A3 sized documents with tables - I had to do a product life span poster for work and when I used Pages the application became very slow and sluggish whist munching up my CPU power. Still, for £50 iWork is a bargain but there is quite a bit of work that still needs to be done.

Absolutely brilliant. NOT for if you favour a traditional word processor. But I wrote my dissertation in it (70 pages!) and all my coursework. It's layout features are just amazing.

OK for small things, but I would not write a document more than 10 pages long in it.

While the many palettes for edition are less clunky than the toolbars of MS Word, they take more space and eventually can get in your way rather easily, even on a 17" widescreen.

As a wordprocessor it does not suck, but its usage is quite different from MS Word, and you might get frustrated at first if you expect it to act like its more expensive and complete sibling. Hopefully the next version will address more than a few of the issues you may encounter in Pages '06.

Performance is reasonnable on any intel Mac, tables might slow down the older G4 machines.

I'm still using version 1 .... it is slow at times on my iBook G4/1.2Ghz The best program for laying out scientific posters ever, though. I'll wait until iWork '07 and then upgrade. I've decided to buy the iLife/iWork yearly updates only every other year.

Years ahead of office. I use it all the time. 1000/5 stars. (it is that good.)

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