Pages Templates Pro

Version: 1 || Release Date: 2010-02-01 || License: Shareware ($19/pack) Developer: Jumsoft | App Owner: konfucijus

Business-oriented line of 20 template packs, each with a matching look for brochures, business cards, envelopes, invoices, and letters.

Escape monotony. Throw in some surprises. A simple way to give your business the true gift of uniqueness. With Pages Templates Pro, you can even turn your envelopes and invoices into a key part of a successful advertising campaign.

Each of the 20 Pages Templates Pro packs contains five templates in an elegant, consistent style: Brochure, Business Cards, Envelope, Invoice, and Letter. All templates are available in both A4 and U.S. Letter paper sizes to provide for the best match for your needs.

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