Version: 6.6 || Release Date: 2014-04-23 || License: Commercial with demo (50) Developer: Pagico Software, Inc | App Owner: msharp

A personal database for resources and tasks. Available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

Pagico is a personal database that combines resource management and task management into one streamlined platform, which not only help you stay productive, but also stay organized with all your projects, contacts and resources.

One of the highlights is its task management features: Pagico automatically extracts schedule information from your database and turns your ToDo lists into interactive schedule flowcharts, so you can easily, visually stay on top of your business. With Pagico, working with multiple projects and people is fun and easy.

With the cross-platform capability, your Pagico database can be used on any of the supported platforms: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Solutions for synchronizing Pagico database across multiple computers are also available. For more details, please visit

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4 Opinions

I'm giving Pagico a test run now, already got OmniFocus and Bento, but Pagico seems like the right tool to get things done while interlinking all related files and information.

One thing I don't understand, why it's not connected to Apple's AddressBook ?
Sure, I can drag a contact into it, but once I change a contact info in AddressBook, it's not updated in Pagico.

Also, linking email messages works in a funny way:
Locate the email message you want to insert in Apple Mail, then drag that message from the message list to your desktop. Apple Mail will create an “EML” file for that message on your desktop. Simply drag that EML file into your Pagico.

Why can't we just select any email in Apple Mail, and drag it into Pagico ?
Better solution would be a keyboard shortcut to do the job, like Things and OmniFocus does.

I just tried out the latest version --- again. How surprising! The UI is improved greatly, and now it's definitely maclike.
Besides that, the app organizes nearly everything, and the task management features are definitely second to none.

I love the flowchart, big time!

I completely agree. I found the UI confusing and counter intuitive. Hopefully the developer will rethink how and what Mac users are used to seeing (UI consistency across apps as well as through out individual apps). MacZot has it for a good price today and tomorrow but I can't see spending even the Zot price on an organizer thats hard and confusing to use.

I'm very undecided about the interface - it un-maclike to me. .. kudos to the developers for trying something different but it's too much of somethings + not enough of others. perhaps further versions will pickup as this is a tough market with some brilliant apps out there