Version: 1.10 || Release Date: 2010-05-08 || License: Shareware (15) App Owner: daves

PaintDS is a full-featured bitmap/image editor for the Mac that is easy to use.

PaintDS : A Paint/Graphics Program for Apple OSX
An Inexpensive yet powerful Bitmap/Image Editor.
IveBeenThinking Software Releases PaintDS a Bitmap/Image Editor for Apple Macintosh Computers
PaintDS is a full-featured bitmap/image editor for the Mac that is easy to use, but sufficiently powerful to handle most of your basic graphics needs. PaintDS is the perfect tool for creating simple images, cropping photographs, and other tasks similar to MSPaint for Microsoftâ„¢ Windows, or the now missing Apple MacPaint program.
PaintDS can handle graphics in PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP formats
The current version of PaintDS is for Intel-based Macs only.

Gradient Color Fill
Rotate Selected sections of image
Support for GIF and TIFF
Free Form "Lasso" tool
Free-Form Drawing
Eraser/Color Eraser
Paintbrush tool
Fill with Color
Choose Any Color [up to 16 Million]
Zoom from 25% to 1600%
Resize or Rescale Images
Crop Photographs/Graphics
On Screen Color Meter
Adjust RGB levels
Control Brightness
Convert to GrayScale
Convert to Sepia Tones
Convert to Black & White
Built in Text Editor
Built in Shape Gallery
Built in Thumbnail Navigation
and much much more
The PaintDS Programmers Editor requires an Intel Mac with OS X v10.5 or greater.
Registered users of the PaintDS Graphics Editor are eligible to receive this [and all future upgrades] for free.

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3 Opinions

daves - as a potential customer (aren't we all?), I have to commend bitnix for making his comments public. It's kind of icky to hear a dev say 'I wish this review wasn't public,' and there's nothing stopping you from 'making this application as good as possible' just because the info is public. Now you've made your case publicly as well, and we're all better off for it, as we can better evaluate the situation before investing further time/effort. You don't like people talking about your product? Don't play the game.

FWIW, I can't remember the last time a program required a name and email before I even used it (unless it was directly tied to an online service) - your response seems thin to me. Regardless of privacy concerns, that's a big user experience problem, giving a user this hurdle to leap to even start to use your app. It doesn't sound big but consider that users prefer to not have to explicitly start a new document, save, etc… It's just annoying.

Bitnix.... I wish you would have sent your comments directly to me, as I strive to make this application as good as possible. The name/email is part of the pre-registration process and is to protect my investment, as is standard procedure for most shareware programs, it goes nowhere if you don't buy it. and only to me if you do. As far as cursor precision, I cannot duplicate any error in postioning...nor any issues with cut/move/paste tools.

Tried it.

I didn't like the shifty evaluation dialog that popped up when I first started the app, which asked for my name and email... Why?

Operation was a bit glitchy. Rectangle selection tool didn't work as it should. After selecting an area of an image and then moving it around the image gets squashed and/or disappeared.

Also, when dealing with pixel-based bitmap editors, probably the single most important thing to get right is the cursor precision. PaintDS doesn't totally fail in in this respect, but it's not perfect either.

On the positive side of things: I liked the "bezier"-like tool, where you can draw curved shapes. Also, the symbols tool/facility is a nice idea, but how does it work?

Anyway. Get rid of the initial evaluation dialog and/or at least the obligatory input of peoples names and email addresses. As well, work the kinks out of the glitches and maybe this can become a pretty handsome little application... Good luck!