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Pando is free software that lets you send and receive files and folders of any size* with your existing email account.

*Beta currently limited to 1GB per email.

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@ minitechnik:
If you're not happy with Pando, you can check out Podmailing.
It uses bittorrent protocol, hosts the file for 30 days, allows recipient to download via web browser or bittorrent client, and there's no size limit.

Also: "you can still get a file after it has expired from our servers. It will be downloaded from the sender and the other recipients if they keep sharing it."

I use an Intel-base iMac (Dual Core, 2 GHz), running Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.1).
I have installed version 1.9.5 of Pando a few days ago and I'm having some problems that I don't remember with the previous versions:
1. It takes "ages" to connect, although I have a very fast cable Internet line.
2. The progression bar and the info with the percentage of the package already sent do not work. I never know if the upload has already begun and when it will end.
3. The same happens when downloading packages: no progression bar and no percentage of package already downloaded.
4. I had quite a few crashes with this version 1.9.5. (I suppose the application reports them to Pando HQ.)
5. The upload and download speeds are much slower than they used to be.
I understand that Pando wants to sell their Pro version. However, I use Pando maybe once every two months (or so). So, I don't need Pando Pro. But all these problems with the free version are a not a good promotion for the Pro version. And the same happens with the fact that they do not provide e-mail support anymore for users of the free version.
If only they could fix all these problems with the free version...

Still a great app, but I wish they would quit trying to add "features". Does anyone actually use the "Channels"? I really liked that the early versions did one thing and did it superbly. Who wants to use something like this to watch video podcasts?

you should be aware that this app is updating a lot and if your friend is sending you a pando link to your older pando version you're mostly forced to update to the new one. Sometimes receiving is slow, even though the sender has already finished the upload. Essentially uploads are thrown away after a week already.

If you don't care for these facts, Pando might be a great app for you.

I'm still searching for a P2P app that is doing what pando does, since sending through messengers is a mess.

This looks REALLY interesting... even the EULA seems friendly enough (I didn't see anything even remotely stating that anything you upload becomes their property... as many sites that host content do). Definitely going onto my computer.

You're absolutely right! A few days ago I have left a post in MacUpdate about that same subject. And I have also contacted Pando by e-mail.
I got a reply saying that this is the very latest version of Pando, but there was no explanation about the correct version.
The previous version was supposed to be, but the Finder (File - Get Info) gave me the information that it was version And the same happened when I did "About Pando" when the application was open.
Well... Nobody really seems to know which version is which. But as long as it works...

This is really weird. According to the website I should be getting but I'm instead getting Even MacUpdate is saying that Pando is at version

Actually this app can send files bigger than the stated 1 gig limit. Just a little bit extra in case you need a bit more room.

This app has a huge leg up on any other large file transfer services like or Most importantly, both the downloads and the uploads are resumable. That means if I have uploaded 489 megabytes of a 490 megabyte file and my laptop runs of batteries unexpectedly, I don't have to start again from scratch. True, the recipient needs to have the app installed, but it's a small price to pay considering the app seems pretty solid on both mac and pc, and doesn't appear to contain any spyware. Double thumbs up!

I'm a big Pando fan! It does a lot of smart things, like determining if you are o the same network and then sending files at LAN speeds, and bit-torrent like sharing your file between all the people who are currently downloading it.
It's cross-platform, and way better than sites like YouSendit, because you can pause and restart the uploads, and your dowloader can start downloading the minute you start uploading!

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