Version: 2.0 beta (build 570) || Release Date: 2011-12-01 || License: Commercial with demo ($15) Developer: Bitcartel | App Owner: ruffnex

PandoraJam enables you to enjoy the popular radio service on your Mac desktop. Easily stream music wirelessly, record audio for playback on iPods, and submit tracks to Desktop integration via Growl notifications, instant messenger updates and keyboard shortcuts. Apple Remote support. PandoraJam (Free demo, $15) is for Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.7, and is a Universal Binary for both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Wireless streaming requires an Airport Express or AppleTV.

Features of PandoraJam:

  • Stream music wirelessly to a sound system (requires Airport Express or AppleTV)
  • Record music for iPod and iPhone.
  • Tag recordings with album artwork
  • Submit songs to (known as Audioscrobbling)
  • Native, Cocoa application.
  • Growl notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Instant Messaging status updates (Adium, iChat, Skype)
  • Twitter updates

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Consider PandoraFM too:

It lets you do all of the stuff (Love/Ban/etc.) to Pandora songs. Plus, it scrobbles at HALF the song (rather than the whole song). Oh, and it's a web interface, so it works on Windows too.

This adds some features that seem to be worth the payment. The recording and the Airport streaming are nice additions to something like PandoraBoy.

I love PandoraJam. I hope they add ability to send to multiple Airport Expresses.

I just stopped using PandoraMan for this app because of the scrobbling.

Too bad Pandora is only available in the US now...

I dunno, I think [PandoraBoy] is a better deal. Recoding the streaming audio is cool though... (but legal?)

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