Version: 2.0 beta (build 570) || Release Date: 2011-12-01 || License: Commercial with demo ($15) Developer: Bitcartel | App Owner: ruffnex

PandoraJam enables you to enjoy the popular radio service on your Mac desktop. Easily stream music wirelessly, record audio for playback on iPods, and submit tracks to Desktop integration via Growl notifications, instant messenger updates and keyboard shortcuts. Apple Remote support. PandoraJam (Free demo, $15) is for Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.7, and is a Universal Binary for both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Wireless streaming requires an Airport Express or AppleTV.

Features of PandoraJam:

  • Stream music wirelessly to a sound system (requires Airport Express or AppleTV)
  • Record music for iPod and iPhone.
  • Tag recordings with album artwork
  • Submit songs to (known as Audioscrobbling)
  • Native, Cocoa application.
  • Growl notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Instant Messaging status updates (Adium, iChat, Skype)
  • Twitter updates

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Shall we add it doesn't work with pre-release and Gaia versions of Flash Player 10.1? When you install those, PJ's interface buttons don't work any longer.

I hope this doesn't become abandonware, 'cause it's potentially a great app.

so, if PandoraJam doesnt work with iTunes9, what does it work with? This is the latest version right? PandoraJam is playing fine, however I cannot find any music PJ is playing on iTunes,

Don't detect Flash Plugin in OS X 10.5.8... Bad app :-(

Love the app, been using it for years. But its pretty broken at the moment. Snow Leopard, the interface is screwed up. CMD+H doesnt hide it, and clicking the close causes an animated minimize which is pretty lame.

Also itunes9 broke the recording functionality. So its most valuable feature at the moment is out of commission.

Hopefully a fix comes soon!

Rockin app! Work will never be the same again. ; )

Version 1.4 doesn't appear to work with iTunes 9.

So with pandorajam and pandoraone your are getting 192k recordings in itunes? As far as I can tell I'm only getting 64k recordings. I'm on the fence as whether it's worth it to upgrade to pandoraone. If I could get 192k recordings into itunes, that might put me over the edge...

Really loving this little app

PandoraJam + Pandora One (35/yr) = the best combination EVER!

I just leave it running all the time with the volume turned down, and I listen to the results in iTunes. 192kbps... this is a fucking rad setup.

Thanks Bitcartel! I'm a proud owner

Wow. I think I just found my alltime favorite way to steal music. This app has a great little interface, and having every song automatically recorded and added to itunes is genius.

Though, I don't see how this app can stay alive without Pandora suing them out of existence. Either that or the RIAA is going to use it as justification to take Pandora down.

Well, lets hope it stays under the radar. So, if you really like this app... DONT VOTE FOR IT ;-)

factoryjoe: legal in the same way that recording from on-air radio to cassette tapes was legal 15 years ago :)
Now I can make mixtapes of mp3s...

Other then that: this is just a briliant app that does everything the Pandora+Last.FM+iTunes user would want.

(Now we just need to have Pandora back in the UK)

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