Version: 6.0 || Release Date: 2010-10-06 || License: Commercial with demo (299 USD) Developer: ProVUE Development | App Owner: jvue

Panorama combines the best elements of database and spreadsheet technology into a single package for working with and analyzing information.

Panorama is a powerful RAM based database for storing, organizing and analyzing information, available in both single user and server versions. Since 1988 Panorama’s unique combination of database and spreadsheet technology has been in use all over the world for everything from custom accounting to medical research, from huge college track meets to blockbuster Hollywood productions. Panorama's unique RAM based technology makes it the fastest and most flexible database on the market. Key features include:

- Incredible RAM based speed
- Easy to learn and use
- Instant searching & sorting
- Fully relational
- Interactive data analysis
- Powerful data manipulation
- Flexible database design
- Custom forms and reports
- Comprehensive import/export
- Programmable
- Total Recall crash protection

Watch demo screencasts at YouTube/provuedevelopment, then try the 15 day no risk trial.

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