Version: 0.6.7 || Release Date: 2013-04-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Nate Weaver | App Owner: wevah

Make user-defined size screenshots of websites.

Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. This very simple tool takes screenshots of websites which do not fit on one screen. You specify the desired width, minimal height and the URL. The program displays a preview and you can save the screenshot to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.

It's written in Objective-C using the Cocoa API and the WebKit framework... It was inspired by webkit2png which is a commandline tool written by Paul Hammond in pyObjC, so all intellectual credit for the basic functionality goes to him ;)

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I'm unable to capture an image reflecting clicks made in the built-in browser feature... any ideas?
Latest version has been in beta for years. Many people love this app -- please release a new version! Will gladly pay $5 for an updated, stable version.


It DOES work for sites that require a login; you just need to log in first using a Webkit browser (i.e. Safari). Great app.

It's solid at what it does. The only feature option that it misses is being able to capture pages that requires a log-in to enter (Facebook, for example).

Version 0.5b4 does not work with Leopard. It crashes on launch.
But the previous version 0.4.3 (the official "stable" version) works perfectly with Leopard.

This is absolutely superb. Amazing it's not beter known.

You are right. I've been lazy! D:

I just installed 0.5b4. Simply perfect. Ok, there are a few bugs, but it works nicely. I can even interact with the website and screenshot the results. Hawt. Wevah, as soon as my company gets funding, I'll donate. Keep on keepin' on. Update your website with something though, it looks like you haven't done squat since Aug 2006, and you so have.

diggin_it. Grab, which you mentioned that comes with Mac, doesn't even come close to the feature set of this app. Check it out sometime.

This is a must have for any web developer wanting to keep an archive of sites they like or have built. Super easy to use and I love the delay on the capture to make sure you get the flash movies loaded.

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