Version: 2.3.0 || Release Date: 2013-04-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($44.95) Developer: Mariner Software, Inc. | App Owner: adc89

Organize your online and paper receipts.

Formerly ReceiptWallet, the newly-rebranded Paperless allows you to scan in and manage your receipts and documents. When you scan in each receipt or document, you enter a few pieces of information about it and then you can quickly and easily locate your receipts and documents. With Paperless, you can view the receipts right on the screen, print them, email them, or save them as PDFs. In addition to the powerful search built into Paperless, you can organize your receipts and documents into collections. These collections can contain whatever you want and even better than that is the ability to create smart collections that automatically create collections based on whatever criteria you like.

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Yesterday, I tried Paperless 2.0. I was very surprised at how many document types it supported, as a matter of fact it accepted every document I threw at it. It even supports Safari webarchives, PDF and HTML from directly within Safari. For me this is very handy when viewing credit card statements and my online banking.

With Paperless 2.0 you can track any data with the ability to customize the fields.

I spent all afternoon transferring my documents from iDocument to Paperless 2.0, adding, deleting, editing and scanning. Not once did Paperless crash, document was crashing about every other scan. I am amazed at how it takes each document an analyzes the content using text recognition and fills in the fields with the amount due and the date due. You can scan a multi-page bill/document and combine it into one document.

I am giving it 5 stars right down the line because I can't find a single feature I need that it doesn't have and I love it.

Now that the software has been bought by Mariner, I can't get an upgrade for snow leopard without paying the $10 higher full price for "paperless" - and all I get is the same functionality, and "maybe" (per Mariner's tech support no less!) it won't crash on me when I open/close PDFs.

As for basic functionality - until I upgraded to snow leopard, this app ran error free. Does a poor job on paper receipts of figuring out "merchant" , "amount", etc. On the other hand, Once you've got one in there from a given merchant, the next time you have to type the merchant, other fields - like category get prefilled. Not bad. And on online receipts saved directly from a web page, it does an excellent job of finding all those bits by itself.

If you need to manage a lot of reciepts, I would recommend Neat Reciepts App instead.

It extracts the information for you and automatically add it to your scan files. It also imports PDF files, and allows you to add electronic receipts or documents simply by printing from any application.

Absolutely love this app. VERY responsive and active developer. I manage my entire receipts (both home and business) with this app. No other software for the Mac does the job so well than ReceiptWallet.

On the one hand just another pdf manager app... But those few extra touches that make it a ReceiptWallet are wonderful. The ability to organise receipts sensibly and generate reports is a really nice touch.

It's not perfect: I'd like it to recognise my system date preferences and thus adopt the d/m/y format that the rest of the world uses. And the reports aren't very flexible in their layout, so longer categories or notes can be truncated when printed. And I've had to fudge things a bit in order to handle receipts that are split across categories (e.g. part of the expense was professional and part personal). But basically very useful and easy to use.

I'm an insurance agent, so I have to keep up with expenses and receipts for my taxes. I love receiptwallet for this. I wholeheartedly recommend this app for that purpose. The best thing about the app (in my opinion) is you can generate reports that total up how much you spent on a category, at a merchant, etc.

It's only $44.93 if you but it with DocumentWallet