Version: 1.9.7 || Release Date: 2010-01-24 || License: Shareware ($42) Developer: Alex Griekspoor | App Owner: pascoe

Papers bundles all the great technologies that come with MacOSX Tiger to give you a complete new workflow for reading scientific articles. You find, download, archive, and organize all your articles within a single application. But that is just the start, using spotlight you instantly find back the paper you are looking for. Read it fullscreen, add your notes, send a copy to a colleague... These are just a few of the many features that after using them yourself you will never want to give up again...

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Absolutely indispensable for every serious researcher. Unfortunately, a ScienceDirect-and Springer-plug-in is missing (1.9.3). Inclusion of classic reference management functionality in the same excellent way as the rest of this great tool would blow Evernote away....

This app is just brilliant! Does everything you could possibly want and if you're in academia it will save you sooo much effort. The smart collections are great and you can select a bunch of files and export them to bibtex. Also, if you have loads of pdfs without the metadata, the match functionality helps. A lot.

Nicer interface than any other software for scientific articles.

Papers 1.5 now supports several search engines such as Google scholar and Web of Science and Scopus, and now allows for new plugins to other search engines to be easily inplemented. Plus Leopard support and the possibilities to drag your articles directly as a citation into a manuscript that you are writing.

(Disclosure: I'm a happy betatester)

if your'e into academia then this is a must have :-)

Well-designed software that, as another user pointed out, is like iTunes for academics.

Unfortunately (for me) it currently supports medical researchers moreso than other scientists, but hopefully that will change in future versions. The document search and full-screen reader are quite convenient.

An amazing programme especially for people in medical and life sciences research. This will be a life saver for any person undertaking a PhD to manage their library of articles.

For all of those still experiencing occasional crashes when editing the info for a PDF, go into preferences and disable "Create Subdirectories" and "Rename PDF Files as".

This will fix the problem, which is still there in 1.0.1

I have just started using this and the version count is up to 1.01, now. It is fantastic. I paid for it within 2 days. The major bugs people have been talking about have not shown up for me, and I am really happy with how this works. I admit, I mainly have medical type PDFs, and can say it works mamzingly well for those. Well worth a look if you have more than 50 PDF papers somewhere on your maching (I found them in 6 different locations).

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