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Your personal library of research

Organize your research, all of it. Papers2 helps you organize over 85 different document types
Papers doesn’t just want your PDFs, it will gladly organize all your documents, whether they are word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, posters, scanned receipts, and many more. Papers even has a dedicated space for your own articles, and conference related materials, like your travel documents and posters.

Some papers are special. Easily keep track of your own papers and documents
Your papers deserve their own place in Papers. Keep your own work at your fingertips, anytime. Papers keeps track of your manuscripts as well. As soon as you enter a citation, a manuscript file is added to your Papers library. Upgrading a manuscript to published status moves it from manuscripts into the general library, and into My Papers.
It's never just about the paper. Organize your documents and everything that comes with them
Papers supports downloading and organizing supplemental data. Whether the data originates from the publishers website, or consists of notes you took yourself, you can add anything you like and your files live together in your library. It’s that easy.

Better organized than your librarian. Mark your papers with keywords and labels to create a system that works
Using keywords and labels makes for smarter collections, which makes for a more productive you! Regardless of how you like to tag and organize your files, Papers2 can make it happen.

The world at your fingertips Unified Search
Built-in search engines help you find anything you might be looking for, searching a variety of repositories, all at once. Now that’s efficient. You can select search engines to add to your favorites, and with one click of a button search in all of them at the same time.

Not everything is digital. Yet.
Scan and archive documents straight from within Papers
Import directly from your scanner and take organization to the next level. While you scan, Papers knows what you are reading with OCR support. This makes for better indexing and easier file retrieval.

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