Version: 1.9.7 || Release Date: 2010-01-24 || License: Shareware ($42) Developer: Alex Griekspoor | App Owner: pascoe

Papers bundles all the great technologies that come with MacOSX Tiger to give you a complete new workflow for reading scientific articles. You find, download, archive, and organize all your articles within a single application. But that is just the start, using spotlight you instantly find back the paper you are looking for. Read it fullscreen, add your notes, send a copy to a colleague... These are just a few of the many features that after using them yourself you will never want to give up again...

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This will be a wonderful application, hopefully sooner than later. It should be free to use. They call it a Preview, but there's a time limit on the software, and you have to pay for buggy software to keep playing with it. So be warned. But -- hopefully these guys will put out something fantastic...soon...

I like the idea, but it’s still very buggy and crashes a lot.

This is awesome for us in the biomed research field.... waiting for 1.0

A potentially extremely useful app for its target audience. It looks nice, but at the moment it really only handles medical papers.

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