Version: Papyrus Win & Mac 12 || Release Date: 2007-08-05 || License: Commercial with demo (99.- $/€) App Owner: henrich

Word-processor for Mac OS X, Windows 98-XP/Vista.
It includes (From the developer): Word-processing, Desktop publishing suitable for professional applications, Embedded spreadsheets, Relational databases for a complete range from simple address databases up to complex inventory systems.
You can install (or copy) Papyrus onto a USB-Stick,
for mobile use on visiting computers."
Papyrus OFFICE 12.5 offers a number of powerful new features ... vastly improved loading and saving in MS-Word format, PDF output and unlimited Multiple Undo.

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new version is Papyrus 2008 (Win & Mac) V.4 of 11.2.08