Version: 1.1.0 || Release Date: 2010-05-05 || License: Shareware ($39) Developer: Dare to be Creative Ltd. | App Owner: philipp13

Stop worrying, start backing up your files

Parachute is a flexible, powerful backup tool that allows you make automated backups of your files. With Parachute you can select files individually, set your own schedule and backup to both local disks and remote servers.

Pick Your Destination:
With Parachute you can backup your data to both local and remote locations, including your hard disk, external disks, FTP/SFTP servers, USB drives, network volumes, your iDisk and pretty much anything your Mac can connect to.

Multiple backups:
Parachute gives you the ultimate flexibility to backup your data. Create multiple backup tasks for different files and folders on your Mac, and pick a location of your choice for each task.

Schedule your backups:
You choose when Parachute should backup your data. Set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedules for your backups. And of course you can also make your backups manually.

Step by step:
Parachute lets you speed up your backups by only backing up what's changed since your last backup. Plus you can keep any number of past backups so you can always go back in time.

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1 Opinion

Schedule backups doesn't work! The application opens but it doesn't sync! Outrageous. Deja Vu seems like the best one but you can't choose a single file (you can only backup folders).