Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X

Version: 11 || Release Date: 2013-10-25 || License: Shareware (29.95) Developer: Paragon Software Group | App Owner: hindemith

NTFS for Mac OS X beats down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS X. Effectively solves the communication problems between the Mac system and NTFS, providing full read and write access to Windows NTFS partitions under Mac OS X. Excellent solution for end users, SOHO and Enterprise, supports all NTFS versions from Windows NT 3.1 to Windows Vista (NTFS versions 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1) and mounts the NTFS volumes as native ones.

NTFS for Mac OS X allows you to:

* Natively read and write your data to any Windows NTFS partition.
* Easily transfer data between Windows and Mac computers using external or thumb drives with NTFS partitions.
* Access NTFS partitions without having any complex translation applications or file services like AFP or Samba protocols.

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3 Opinions

Faster than NTFS-3g. Works well with USB disk. Don't found any troubles in Leopard but price is high a little

Don't know what the speed is like on this, but there is a free alternative NTFS-3g

Not without problems running on Leopard. I would wait for an update if using Leopard.