Version: 6.0 || Release Date: 2008-05-22 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.95) Developer: Michael Wildoer, Lava Software Pty. Ltd. | App Owner: rickyrotten

Password Manager which automates website logins and helps you organize and secure your passwords and much more

â—¦ One-click access to usernames, passwords and websites
â—¦ Also securely stores Internet banking, software serial nos, etc.
â—¦ Protects your data using very strong 896-bit encryption (2 × 448-bit Blowfish)
â—¦ Allows you to access all your data by entering a simple 'Master Password'
â—¦ Master Password Recovery System (MPRS) ensures you never lose your data
â—¦ PasswordVault2Go runs directly on portable media like USB drives
â—¦ Auto-filling of Web forms allows you to log in to most websites with two clicks

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1 Opinion

I use the Portable version of this app, it lives on my Thumbdrive and the data and prefs are stored with the app. so it can be used on your home and work mac, no need to sync data. Also it's very secure, it doesn't leave any trace on any mac it's launched from! Everything goes with you when you remove your thumbdrive. prevents keyloggers from stealing data all they get is a copy & paste. great little app from the land down under