Version: 1.8.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: bbatsell

Pastor is a tool to store all your passwords, website logins, program serial numbers, etc. RC4-encrypted and password-protected. Includes a built-in password generator.

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If you're keeping state secrets, sure, don't use it. But for many people who are just trying to keep out the prying eyes of co-workers, friends and family, it's an easy to use effective program.

Yeah, 1password seems nice, but $35 for a password manager?! That's as much or more than Transmit, Path Finder and other programs. Except, all it does is manage passwords. Like the free and open source applications that are already out there for linux and windows.

I swear, if Apple didn't include simple copy and paste functionality, there'd be some guy trying to sell you a third party app to copy and paste stuff for $80 per machine.

i love Safe Place

Pastor uses RC4 = UNSAFE, easily crackable
Keychain & 1Password uses TDES = virtually uncrackable (would need years and cost billions to do)
Filevault & WPA2 uses AES = 100% not crackable

Overall, 1Password is all you'll need imo. Once Keychain gets upgraded to FileVault standard AES, that's what 1password will start using.

This (Pastor) on the other hand is insecure and easy to crack, as cocoi said - steer well clear (it's been years since AES arrived, and the author is still puttering along using weak RC4, with no plans on his part to upgrade this app).......use at your own risk.

I use this application, but i'm really woried about the safeness of de RC4 encryption.
If i search for this encryption on wikipedia explaines that RC4 is decrypted easely. Do i need to vault the .pastor file to?

What is the difference between this and Keychain?

Man, I used to love this app, but now I only use 1Passwd -- so much better integrated...

Too bad you have to manually open the passwords file

"It is not safe to use the RC4 algorithm for sensitive information"

Assuming you have access to the data, which is unlikely

Pastor, with the RC4 encryption algorithm, is subject to key weakness attacks and is not secure. It is not safe to use the RC4 algorithm for sensitive information. Most encrypted content can be decoded in seconds.