Path Finder

Version: 7.0 || Release Date: 2014-09-02 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: Cocoatech | App Owner: binary

The file browser with moxie.

Path Finder is an advanced file browser and management utility for OS X. It retains all of the best features of the Finder, but adds hundreds of new and powerful features such as tabbed browsing, a built-in terminal, file selection and filtering tools, and the "Drop Stack" which can be used to pause drag-and-drop operations.

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Can I just say something? Why the heck don't any of these finder replacements have simple commands for saving and restoring finder windows? The biggest flaw of the finder is having a million unorganized windows on screen with no way to organize them at all.

I am a heavy used of Pathfinder - makes life a lot easier. But you do need a modern, fast, machine.

Thumbs down. It doesn't support the ZFS features that are included with 10.5.

"Reveal in Path Finder" and QuickLook Support do not save the Path Finder from looking like an old ass from the past century once you found out about Leap.

In 10.4 almost everyone's choice went for the path over the original finder, but with the few improvements in Leopard and the adding of spotlight... with the success of quicksilver and again Leap... there's a hole left in the wall where Path Finder stood. I'm still looking out for improvements or a straight rebuild of the ideas... but then again even muCommander seems to be more effective right now.

i found that i deleted the app and am UNusing it right now, hoping that some dev's wake up from wintersleep and gain some ideas.

I really wanted to like this app since the feature-set is good but every time I try using it, I see how it's still much slower to refresh than the Finder when navigating folders and previewing files. Should be lighting-fast if it's so much better than the Finder.

I was surprised to see Path Finder crash on my Intel MacBook. Also seemed to be responsible for sluggishness when many apps are open, as the problem went away when I stopped launching Path Finder at startup. Quicksilver will have to do for me.

I don't think I could live without this, it is everything the finder should of been.

An advantage of using Path Finder vs. other alternative finders, is that apps like Butler or Quicksilver allow to call Path Finder instead of Finder when opening folders.

WARNING: Path Finder doesn't support Spotlight comments properly, eg: if you move a folder that has a comment, it loses its comment. (But gets it back if you put it back to where it was.)
This is a bad surprise, since Path Finder is aware of Spotlight comments: it shows them in the info pane (doesn't show them in a column though).

As a recent convert from the Evil Empire, I missed the Windows Explorer function, and the Mac Finder is a bit dysfunctional. Pathfinder has been my salvation - I give it 5ive stars easily, although it is a tad pricey. It's never caused me any problems on my iMac 20" (3 GB RAM / dual core Intel / v 10.4.10). It seems some others have had problems, but I highly recommend trying it out for yourself. This app hasn't failed me yet at getting to the far recesses of those buried files - like the "empty trash" sound file I wanted to change (heh heh).

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