Path Finder

Version: 7.0 || Release Date: 2014-09-02 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: Cocoatech | App Owner: binary

The file browser with moxie.

Path Finder is an advanced file browser and management utility for OS X. It retains all of the best features of the Finder, but adds hundreds of new and powerful features such as tabbed browsing, a built-in terminal, file selection and filtering tools, and the "Drop Stack" which can be used to pause drag-and-drop operations.

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The 4.7 update is locking up pretty regularly for me. Reverting to 4.6.1. And I actually do like how the bottom-pane preview window works, so that is missed. The 3-column view is just too boring and unadjustable. Maybe by 5.0 they'll have it worked out to at least give us the choice.

nevermind--didn't mean to diss this app--I love it!

I had a disk error involving the header files, so once that was repaired my machine has been running better.

does this tend to "unexpectedly quit" often for anyone else (running Intel MacBook Pro). It has been crashing at least 2-3 times a day, and I only started using it last night :(

Too expensive. I miss my "don't show the windows when I click on the desktop", and I miss the "recent folders", and a tiny bit miss the tabs. Can't afford to buy it, though, so deleted after free trial.

Path Finder is simply the best! Like "poncelet" said below "Few programs extend the usability of the Mac to such a degree that I can't imagine using one without it.", and I completely agree.

The reason I am commenting is to mention a feature that most may not take advantage of. With Path Finder (Whether it's launched or not) you can completely hide Finder's desktop giving you an always clean desktop.

Apps like DeskShade and Desktopple do this. But if you're a Path Finder user there's no need to have one more app using resources when the fundamental task of those apps can be done by Path Finder regardless if you have it launched or not.

I also use a Quicksilver "Trigger" (the F1 key) to bring Path Finder into view. If it's not launched yet, it will be launched, otherwise it just brings the already open Path Finder window to the front. This in combination with Path Finder's setting "Hides on Deactivate" (under the "Window" menu item) allows for unobtrusive usage. When in use, it's there, otherwise Path Finder gets hidden when not in use.

As above... loads of features.... loads of them... buried away....

They need a manual, a really good one. Or a wiki or something. I scoffed at first, then I downloaded the trial, half way through I bought it.

Top notch.

i quickly found PathFinder after switching to Mac full-time last year. I actually generally like Windows Explorer, and i like it better than Finder. Having said that, PathFinder blows them both out of the water. I keep a single pathfinder window open on my desktop at all times, with about 4 or 5 tabs open in it. With the pathfinder tabs, shelf, menus, application doc, etc, I NEVER have to open up additional Finder or PF windows - I can do it all from within the single PF window.

It drives me crazy now when I use my wife's MacBook with only Finder installed. She insists that Finder works just fine for her, but I simply can't go back now after using pathfinder.

Finder is lacking in many places. While it is fine for perhaps the majority of people who simply want to navigate their Documents, it has many quirks, annoyances and lacks features a power-user might need.

I was willing to live with Finder, but no easy way to make all windows use the list mode and the ability to keep everything the way I like made me search for a solution. Path Finder can be as simple as Finder if you want it to (it is extremely customizable), but also gives you the power to do much much more. I bought Path Finder about 40 minutes after using it.

Path Finder is simply awesome. It's a completely indispensable part of my repertoire.

Can the owner of this app change the name to the proper "Path Finder"? Thanks.

I replaced Finder with Path Finder. so far so good.

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