Path Finder

Version: 7.0 || Release Date: 2014-09-02 || License: Shareware ($39.95) Developer: Cocoatech | App Owner: binary

The file browser with moxie.

Path Finder is an advanced file browser and management utility for OS X. It retains all of the best features of the Finder, but adds hundreds of new and powerful features such as tabbed browsing, a built-in terminal, file selection and filtering tools, and the "Drop Stack" which can be used to pause drag-and-drop operations.

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Superb app. Path Finder has everything. It takes some time to set it up to your own need and get used to it - but it's really worth the effort.

Warning: version 5.2.2 (latest for Leopard) has a bug that CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS:
If you move a file of more than 4 GB stored on file system of type “Mac OS Extended”, to a FAT32 partition, it won't get written (fails silently), and the source file will be deleted.

Don't know if this bug is also in latest Lion version, but it was in version 5.5.6:

Love this program.. couldn't live with out it alongside FileXaminer and Default Folder X. Great treo!

Nice alternative to the Mac OSX Standard Finder with a lot of useful features (Tab browsing, Two file panels, ...). But since i have bought the Totalfinder, i use the Path Finder less.

NB: the option to automatically calculate folder sizes (when in list view) is in the view options.

In the past, Pathfinder has had some problems when I am connected to Windows disks over the network(SMB/CIFS). I am now on 5.5.6 and it seems more stable. For me, the number-one feature that puts PF over Finder is tabbed browsing.

@jafish I'm curious to know what other programs have the dropstack functionality.

Pathfinder is nice and highly customizable but I couldn't see it replacing the finder for me for a couple of reasons:
1. It does very little to change the hierarchical browsing mentality of the Finder, which is my main frustration with the Finder.
2. As I look for more simplicity in my browsing/finding experience, Pathfinder has so many features, buttons, toggles, drawers, etc. that I'm less motivated to spend the time customizing it.
3. It brings various functions that are already on the Mac into one place. Using it made me realize that I didn't feel a need for them to be in one place and prefer lightweight individual tools that do what they say they will and not much else.
4. The feature I used the most (the Drop Stack & recent files) is available in other programs for less.

That said, if you appreciate the ability to highly customize a Finder-like experience and want a one-stop shop, I'd recommend this app. It's just not for me.

v5 has completely replaced the finder for me. I used it long before (v3) and didn't like it, but recently checked out the latest after finder kept crashing on me. I love how it swaps out the desktop.

I just wish I could get rid of the last traces of Finder (still shows up via stacks, and some other areas) Maybe snow leopard will allow them better integration points to replace the finder forever

@enjourni : I'm not sure of what you need exactly, but Path Finder can save and restore a window containing several tabs (File->New Tab->New Tab Set...)
It can also combine all open windows (excl. minimized windows) into one window with tabs.

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