Version: 1.0.7 || Release Date: 2007-08-30 || License: Charityware Developer: Dennis Lorson | App Owner: dlo

The ideal tool for everyone who likes a complete overview of the pages he’s visited. Whether you are working on a paper, or just looking for info about a particular subject, you’ll want to save the trail you followed throug the Web, for times when you want to go back. Pathway does just this: while you hop from page to page, it constructs a page web: every node is a visited page, and edges represent linked pages.

Of course, you’ll want to find info efficiently in this web: just type your keyword and Pathway will color nodes according to their relevance. Manage your pages by dividing them into collections, and add extra info or files.

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have just downloaded it & it seems to have a bit of a learning curve - eg: I can't figure out how to save/bookmark pages & it keeps crashing

hmm, okay. I find it strange that 1.07 seem to have an actualy changelog ( Added

  • Japanese localization (thanks to Yoshimitsu Mori!)


  • A critical bug that would prevent saving a document in some cases in 1.0.6.

) but I removed it for now anyways

el_cravito is right!
There's no version 1.0.7 of Pathway anywhere.
The latest version is 1.0.6. (Just check in the appplication's website.)

The download link leads to version 1.0.6.
And the latest version in the developer's website is also 1.0.6.
So... Where's version 1.0.7?

I loved this before the fix for Safari 3 (before 1.0.6 only links in the cloud could be chosen) but now it's just mindblowing (and not limited to wikipedia anymore)

a great app. Is there something similar for Windows or is this just another thing to make these poor guys envious? ]:-)>


This is an amazing piece of software, and an amazing first release...

"Pathway is an app designed to solve the aforementioned problems."

What "aforementioned" problems?

Excellent software. I'm currently doing some research since my dad fell ill and it's proved very handy with linking certain subject areas together.

maps my brain insane ways

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