PDF Assistant

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2014-03-07 || License: Shareware ($15.99) Developer: Bridge Comm. | App Owner: leomesentsev

Read and Annotate PDF Docs Like a Real Book.

PDF Assistant is an extremely versatile application that allows you to:

- Fully customise how you view and read PDFs (including a iBook-like mode)
- Underline or highlight passages
- Add graphic elements (arrows, call outs, circles, etc.)
- Take notes
- Grab selections
- And export all of your notes to a separate file.
- Double View Mode - book reader style with swiping pages or standard scrolling page
- Easy Underlining/Highlighting - in any color
- Take Notes - jot notes down right on the PDF page
- Draw - add arrows, call outs, shapes
- Grab - grab selections (text or graphics)
- Add links - both internal (page) and external (url)
- Full Search - original pdf and all added notes
- Easy Zoom - pinch-to-zoom feature
- Fully customizable page color - for less tiring reading
- Thumbnail Mode
- Pop-up Table of Contents
- Automatic Save
- Speak Text Function - for the visually impaired
- Zero Battery Consumption - App Nap technology

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Outstanding PDF Viewer & Annotator, presents PDF documents like iBooks