Version: 3.12.2 || Release Date: 2012-09-19 || License: Shareware (€35) Developer: Sintraworks | App Owner: tonionio

Accelerate your PDF work with PDFClerk Pro

Using PDFClerk as your personal assistant allows you to, among other things, join multiple PDF documents together, rearrange the page order, delete individual pages, fill out and create forms, annotate pages with text and graphics, impose multiple pages onto a sheet of paper and rotate pages on imposed sheets with ease and flexibility.
Now you can print out your manuals, reports, essays, articles, web pages, etc., in a convenient and economic way. You can even create books for languages that read from right to left like Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew.

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3 Opinions

Nice low cost alternative to the Adobe Acrobat.

This is a very good application that totally substituted Acrobat for me. Stable and easy to use. I love the new capability of making bookmarks and a table of content.

You can also try the free online tool called <a href="http://bookletcreator.com">Booklet Creator</a>