PDF Enhancer

Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2008-07-03 || License: Commercial with demo (199.00) Developer: Apago, Inc. | App Owner: dkelly

Automate the Assembly, Preparation & Optimization of PDF for Print, Web and Archiving

PDF Enhancer streamlines the creation of PDF documents by automating the most common PDF document assembly and preparation tasks that previously required several applications and lots of manual labor. Whether you are producing high quality printed material, an electronic edition of a magazine or newspaper, a sales brochure or technical document, a slide presentation, a legal filing or product catalog for - PDF Enhancer will produce the highest-quality, smallest, most reliable PDF documents possible. Unlike other products that claim to reduce the size of PDF files, PDF Enhancer does not “redistill” or rasterize your documents. The original quality and fidelity are maintained.

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