PDFKey Pro

Version: 3.16 || Release Date: 2012-10-12 || License: Shareware ($24.99) Developer: Michele Balistreri | App Owner: michele

Have you ever accidentally lost a password to your protected PDF documents? Did you spend the rest of your day re-creating the PDF as a result? Have you ever had to process password-protected PDFs in bulk?

PDFKey Pro lets you easily recover from lost copying and printing PDF passwords. PDFKey Pro makes an unlocked copy of your PDF, without requiring you to enter a copying or printing password.

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This actually works, and instantly (!) unlike many other apps that estimate days or weeks to decrypt a PDF. That's silly. This one just works™.

If you have forgotten the password to an old pdf you just want to print, you can use imagemagick. From the commandline (Terminal) type:

convert -density 300 nonprintable.pdf printable.pdf

It will convert the pdf to a series of images. This means that you will not be able to select and/or copy the text of the pdf. The density option sets the resolution of the images in the resulting pdf to 300dpi.