PDF Merge

Version: 3.0.3 || Release Date: 2015-10-28 || License: Shareware ($14.00) Developer: http://gotoes.org/ | App Owner: fulmar2

A simple drag and drop application that allows you to merge several PDF files into one PDF document.

Simply drag and drop multiple PDF files onto the program icon. The program will sort your files by name, and then you will be prompted to place them in order (if necessary) for the merge. You will be prompted for a file name for your new PDF file, and the merged PDF file will appear on your desktop.

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As I wrote in my previous post, there's also iCombiner. It does just the same. For FREE!
And for Tiger you have PDFLab. It also does just the same. For FREE!
And these two apps also allow you to combine a bunch of images into a PDF file. For FREE!

shoregeek and tee_cee - Good point, but remember, Tiger OSX 10.4 cannot do this for free. Thanks!

Preview (part of the OSX system) does a great job of this -- and its FREE! :)

And with iCombiner too.

And with PDFSam

This can be done FOR FREE with Preview (that comes with Mac OS X).