PDF Remover Mac

Version: 3.1.43 || Release Date: 2013-12-22 || License: Shareware (39,95) App Owner: daruntim

With Remove PDF Password for Macyou can restore your lost Owner or User password

You may be searching for PDF password removal solution if you have accidentally forgotten or lost your password for PDF document and don’t want to redo all the work from scratch. Here is PDF password remove tool for you that can restore both User and Owner passwords and lets you access, edit, print and copy the protected PDF. It offers you various password search methods: by password length, by setting the template and by performing exhaustive search (in case you can’t remember any password details). More than that if you think that your password is based on word or phrase, you can use newly added Dictionary search, which is the most time-saving method. Also PDF password remover has the possibility to use CPU resources of other computers on the network to make the speed of password search even higher. In case your PDF file is protected only with Owner password you can use “Decrypt” option and create an unprotected copy of PDF file without password search. PDF security remover features a history log with recovered passwords. In case you add a PDF file you have already restored the password for, the password will be shown right away thanks to the history log.

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