PDF Watermarker

Version: 2.6.1 || Release Date: 2014-05-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Fabrice Leyne | App Owner: seense

PDF Watermarker, let you easily watermark your PDF

PDF Watermarker, let you easily watermark your PDF.

What PDF Watermarker can do for you ... ?:

- To watermark a single PDF.
- To generate batch of personalised watermarked PDF for different people.
- To save this list of people, for future re-use.
- To include a Logo on every pages.
- To secure your PDF watermarked.
- To set a password for all you Watermarked PDF.

How to use it:
Step 1 -Simply open you PDF with PDF Watermarker
Step 2 -Create your list of watermarks (click on the 'plus sign'), or re-open a previous saved list.
Step 3- Save.

Main Features:

-8 pre-defined positions for your watermark for you to select (diagonal, middle, top left, …).

-4 pre-defined type (gray, gray outlined, red, red outlined).

-Change the size of the font if you need.

-Put your watermark on the background or foreground.

-Add a Logo to every pages, resize it, position it to the predefined positions.

-Select 'Secure Saving' for your PDFs, this will convert your text/image PDF to images PDF. Impossible to remove the watermark. (with this option, the generated PDFs will be bigger than the original)

-Save your lists of watermark text for future re-use.

-When you save a list, all the positions, types, …. are as well saved for easy future re-use.

-Set a Password to the generated PDFs.

New in Version 1.1: User Request Implementation
-Added Preferences Menu.
-Opacity of the Watermarks can be adjusted.

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