Pear Note

Version: 3.1.4 || Release Date: 2014-10-09 || License: Shareware (39.99) Developer: Useful Fruit Software | App Owner: c_had

Pear Note records audio/video while you take notes, so later you can find what was being said when you typed something. Play it all back or jump to the point you need.

Pear Note integrates audio, video, and slides with traditional text notes. By recording all activity, Pear Note keeps track of what's going on while taking notes as well as what the user has to say about it. This makes Pear Note incredibly useful for important meetings, class settings, or speeches.

Recording Notes
Pear Note records audio, video, and what the user does, including typing notes and changing slides, on a timeline. Since keystrokes and slide changes are kept on this timeline, users can easily find what was being said during typing or a particular slide. They can play back an entire recording to recreate a meeting, or jump straight to the point in the audio they care most about.

Instantly jump to anywhere in the recording using the text or the slides
Not only can you jump to anywhere in your recording by using the timeline slider, but you can also use your text notes or slides. Just click anywhere in the text and playback will jump to the moment you typed that character. Change the slide displayed and playback will jump to the moment you changed to that slide during recording.

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2 Opinions

This is not expensive if looking at the time you save, avoiding misunderstandings (regarding what was said and what wasn't) during meetings and things like that.

Very well done application. Best in show!

Good, but expensive