Peers - Instant Search for Firefox

Version: 0.91 || Release Date: 2009-02-16 || License: Freeware Developer: The Peers Bros. | App Owner: isachse

Accelerate your search by getting real-time results in your Search and Location Bar. Use your favorite search engines for SiteSearch and change them by use of keywords.

  • Search Google or Yahoo while you type
    A realtime preview shows up immediately.
  • Search in the Location Bar and the Search Bar
    Search results, suggestions and search engine shortcuts are shown next to history and bookmarks.
  • Site Search: Using with different search engines
    Peers provides also results for the most search engines via Site Search. Just choose your requiered engine and type in your search term. It works for Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon,, IMDb, eBay and many more sites.
  • Switch search engine by keywords
    Just type the search engine's keyword in front of the search term and Peers will switch the engine automatically.

TIP: Define keywords for search engines at the search engine menu -> "Manage Search Engines...". Practical keywords are e.g. "wiki" for Wikipedia and "ama" for Amazon.

  • NEW: Switch back after search
    Set your search engine back to the default one after keyword-search.

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