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Version: 6.04-2 || Release Date: 2007-06-06 || License: Freeware Developer: Wacom | App Owner: nycteris

This is the latest (and actually not horrible for once) driver application for Wacom's pen tablets.

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This is weird, I have the latest driver from the wacom site 5.2.6-R5 and Appfresh suggests version 6.0.4 which was released 06 April, 2010 !?

It should be noted as groxx says below that different wacom-tablets use different versions of this driver. As far as I can see there are drivers for consumer tablets (version 5) and professional tablets (version 6).

For those wondering about this the following is stated on the page of the intous3 PTZ driver (professional tablet):

"For concurrent use with a consumer tablet from Wacom, install this driver as well as driver version 5.05 or later. These two drivers can be added or removed independently of each other."

And the Bamboo consumer tablet:

"For concurrent use with a professional Wacom tablet, install this driver as well as driver version 6.03 or later. These two drivers can now be added or removed independently of each other."

You can search for the newest driver for your tablet model here:

just as a note: HAH! W00T! They took my suggestion! You can finally switch which display you're interacting with with the built-in buttons, instead of always limiting it to a single screen, or stretching it to do both!
At least, according to the release documentation... I can't find out where... * shrug * must have to have a second monitor in for it to work.

Is this for Graphire as well? I'm actually sort of curious...

Rather important thing to change on this app's profile:
This is for the GRAPHIRE 3 line of tablets, no others. Seperate versions and panes are available for other tablets (I almost downloaded it until I realized it wasn't for an Intuos3).

On the up-side, I did learn that there's a newer version for my Intuos3... so I guess this profile was useful :)

Nicely integrated with the recent update. Now you can actually change the settings!