Periodic Table

Version: 4.0.8 || Release Date: 2008-01-27 || License: Shareware ($20 USD) Developer: Synergy Creations | App Owner: spin

The periodic table - the cornerstone of chemistry - expresses in a compact form the relationships between all the elements in the universe. Synergy Creations' Periodic Table 4 is the versatile chemistry reference tool for your Macintosh that takes the periodic table beyond the simple paper periodic table found in so many textbooks and classrooms.

Packed with data and easy to use features, Periodic Table 4 is superb for chemists and chemistry students, as well as anyone who is fascinated with science or the world around them! It's not just for chemists! Periodic Table includes a variety of historical information on element discoveries, element name etymologies and more!

Whether you're looking for aluminum or actinium (or aluminium), melting points or magnetic susceptiblities, or zinc or zirconium, Synergy Creations' Periodic Table has it. But the best thing to do is try it for yourself; it's a free download, and registering is only $20.

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Salient Features:
- Quick access to a wide variety of atomic properties.
- Relative values of many atomic properties are viewable as highly customizable, exportable tables and graphs.
- Supports tables based on external or user-created custom data.
- Quick molecular mass calculations.
- Clean, clear, easy to understand interface, optimized for Mac OS X.
- Highly configurable--choose a table to view at startup, choose units of displayed values, table appearance, and much more.
- Support for viewing multiple tables and graphs simultaneously.
- Controls and design help to emphasize relationships and trends between elements, and the structure of the table itself.

Definitely worth $20 USD to me. I am a physician in Internal Medicine and Critical Care. Chemistry is the foundation of all medical knowledge.