Permissions Reset

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2009-07-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Ohanaware | App Owner: rowlands

Fix permissions problems with files, folders and applications

This simple FREE application was developed to solve one of the most annoying problems with Mac OS X computers, Permissions problems.

What's a Permissions Problem?
Permissions Problems range from not being to save your own work into your Documents folder, not being able to update files that others have sent you - all the way to applications not working correctly or even crashing! Permissions are a security mechanism that can control how you and others interact with files. Sometimes these permissions get incorrectly set, or messed up and then the pain begins.

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3 Opinions

You can change permissions on files with Finder:

Finder > File menu > Get Info

I'm amazed that there aren't more comments about this app—it's awesome! (and it's free!)

I am no expert in things like permissions, Perhaps that explains why I totally screwed myself one day by changing the permissions for one of my hard drives (and all its contents). "Ugh," doesn't begin to cover it.

Lo-and-behold, once I recovered to a workable situation, I found this app and promptly ran it on the files/folders in question. Like magic, everything returned to normal. It's so easy, so quick, and so simple that you might be inclined to think it's not actually doing anything when you run it. Rest assured, it's resetting your permissions and saving you from continued nightmares. One wonders why there is no such feature built-in to OS X from the get-go…

Very simple to use and sorted my problem right away. Works fine with Snow Leopard too. Thanks developer.