Version: 1.0.9 || Release Date: 2011-01-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($14.95) Developer: Fuel Collective, LLC | App Owner: factoryjoe

Easy to use drag and drop video conversion.

  • Easy to use, Drag & Drop Video converting
  • Dead Sexy interface
  • Easy Presets for things like xbox, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.
  • Custom Presets or modify existing ones
  • 64-bit all the way to the core.
  • Can take advantage of all the cores on your computer (may not apply for all presets).
  • Convert .dvdmedia & VIDEO_TS folders to ISO files for better media center support.

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8 Opinions

This is the one video re-encoding app that can consistently convert videos for offline use on my ipad. Unlike all the other apps (which seem to exist in a strange sort of SEO spam limbo: You can tell that even their UIs are optimized for keywords, not actual usability), Permute actually does the job and gets out of the way.

Besides being really convenient to use (drag in the file and hit "start"), it's also screamingly fast.

I recode all the movies that to watch on my iPad during long-haul flights, and it just works. $15 well-spent. Five stars.

5 stars: I have been using Permute for over a month now. Yes, I was part of their private beta, and I have to say that these guys are amazingly in tune with feedback and suggestions from users. Permute started off as a super simple video conversion app that I may or may not use to an app that I use exclusively for all audio and video conversions.

Here's the thing with Permute: It is the perfect app for > 90% of all conversions you are most likely to do unless you are an A/V professional. I am not, so Permute is everything I need and nothing more. It's simple, to the point and is super intuitive.

I have not had a crash, a corrupted file or a freeze, so it is solid, stable and reliable. It's drag and drop at its best with advanced options behind the curtain if you need them. As a long time customer of Fuel Collective (I use Snippet and Swatch as well), I would recommend all their apps, Permute is just another great addition.


Fixed price.

also noting the point that its NOT freeware !!

Tee_cee: It has a libpng dependancy, which is part of the X11 installation. X11 is installed with OS X by default unless you specifically turn it off. It will be removed in the next release.

Why does this need X11? Can someone explain?

re: el_cravito: For a limited time at that.

This is not freeware! The price is $14.95.