PGP Desktop Professional

Version: 10.1.1 || Release Date: 2011-01-12 || License: Other Open Source App Owner: achaiah

PGP Desktop Professional provides comprehensive security for individual desktops.

PGP Desktop Professional 9.0 Trial Software is an improved version of the legacy PGP Freeware (Desktop 8.x and below) product. With PGP Desktop Professional 9.0 Trial Software, all product functionality is available for 30 days. After 30 days, PGP Desktop Professional 9.0 Trial Software reverts to the functionality available in what used to be called PGP Freeware.

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4 Opinions

@miknos , first of all, Truecrypt currently doesn't support System Encryption (Whole Disk Encryption). Second, I do use GPG (gnupg) with Mutt and every other application requiring encryption on my mac. Third, Truecrypt uses MacFuse, which means we 64-bit kernel folk, can't use it.

In any case, this software isn't exactly cheap (~100€), but its worth it. If you are the only user on your computer, you can get rid of Filevault and benefit from it. Time Machine does work w/out forcing you to log out and you essentially get a boot password.

The additional features aren't really interesting for me, I really only use the WDE and encrypted volume features and disable everything else. It's really nice to be able to connect a usb drive and be asked for a password immediately with no fuss.

When MacFuse+Truecrypt get WDE support for the 64-bit MacOS kernel, I'll switch in a heartbeat. Unfortunately right now, this is the only good option for WDE.

I see no reason to use this software. You can use GPG; It is free and Open Source (anyone can check if there's any backdoor hidden). And it is updated more often.
Use TrueCrypt to encrypt your HD (a chosen volume). It is FREE too.
For single files, just compress them (zip or rar). I use BetterZip (AES 256bit). You can share that file(s) without worrying about compatibility on the other side.

Very impressed with this app. I'm quite surprised, PGP definitely made a great effort to make a REAL Mac app and not just a half-arsed port. Way to go PGP.

I would not depend on this app. I recommend a different way to secure communication. Stopped using because of too many crashes and too often non-functionality.