Phone Amego

Version: 1.2.20 || Release Date: 2011-03-02 || License: Commercial with demo (20) Developer: Sustainable Softworks | App Owner: viewsion

CallerID, Address Book, Google Voice, and Bluetooth phone integration.

* On screen callerID
* Dial calls directly from your Address Book or selected text
* Restores Tiger's Address Book to Bluetooth phone integration in Leopard and beyond
* Works with popular Bluetooth phones including Apple iPhone
* Send SMS to multiple recipients using Google Voice (free)
* Shows inbound and outbound call progress
* Thoughtful, uncluttered user interface

When a call comes in, Phone Amego flashes up a semi-transparent status window with the callers name and image from your Address Book if any.

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"Q: How does Phone Amego compare to BluePhoneElite 2?"
Check the FAQ:

This app is awesome -- provides the missing telephony bridge on Macs! Apple should include functionality like this STANDARD!