Phone Journal

Version: 1.2.1 || Release Date: 2008-05-30 || License: Shareware ($24.99) Developer: FunkeeMonk Technology | App Owner: funkeemonk

Easy and Powerful SMS/MMS management for Palm Treo and Centro smartphones.

Take charge and free your life's story. Easy and Powerful SMS/MMS management for Palm Treo and Centro smartphones.

The Treo and Centro silently and automatically deletes your older SMS messages - don't lose your life's story forever. Back up the messages on your phone with just one touch.

NEW - Know how many messages you're using each month - before the next phone bill arrives. Let Phone Journal show you how many SMS/MMS you're using with its elegantly designed chart to take out all the guesswork.

Phone Journal's powerful threaded message view lets you keep track of your conversation effortlessly. Unicode support means non-English SMS are not a problem.

Full support for MMS - view and save your photos, audio and video clips.

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5 Opinions

Ok, after much twiddling & tweaking (reinstalling the program & conduit a few times, fiddling with Conduit settings) I finally got Phone Journal working again. No thanks to Funkee Monk tho! Good product, but rubbish support!

Worked perfectly on the first installation. However, the program has not updated any SMS since my initial sync with my Treo. FunkeeMonk Technology never respond to enquiries.

My advice would be DONT BUY!

Either the software authors are dead or they have decided the product does not generate enough sales to be worth providing support to users.

FunkeeStory has now been renamed as Phone Journal! Check it out at

Thanks for the compliments ahancock, and there's good news! I'm now offering FunkeeStory at a promotional price of $19.95. :-)

wow, $25? kinda high... don't need it that bad

sure is cool tho!