Phone Wallpaper X Lite

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2008-04-18 || License: Shareware (US $8.95) Developer: Polo Planet Software | App Owner: poloplanetsoft

Application to create and upload wallpapers into your mobile phone or PDA through Bluetooth or USB. Pictures editing is easy due to the adaptable graphics editor that allows to crop images in accordance with the defined exact position and size. You can enhance your photos with Core Image-based filters and flip or rotate them. As soon as the wallpapers are ready, they can be placed in Wallpapers Gallery folder. Gallery organizes wallpapers in folders and displays the quantity and the size of the chosen files. Uploading of wallpapers is effected in batch mode through Bluetooth or USB.

Key Features:
  • Gallery for organizing wallpapers;
  • Uploading in batch mode;
  • Supports USB and Bluetooth connection;
  • Ability to create desktop wallpapers;
  • Ready-made Wallpapers.

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