Photo Booth

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: query

Photo Booth allows you to take images of yourself and friends using the built in iSight camera on your Mac, and changes the images with effects. This comes on all Macs with iSights.

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@ farthead:
Photo Booth is included in Mac OS X. Reinstall the OS and it will be reinstalled too.
Then you'll have to do all the updates until the current version, using Software Update. (But I suppose you already know that.)

I deleted my photo booth by a acident and know i dont know how to download it again

I Lost my photo booth application and then now I can not download. Does some body know from where I can download it?

I really love the "Glow," "Colored Pencil," and "Comic Book" effects especially. Some of the warping effects are fun too, but I mostly use the stylized effects for pretty portraits. It's a great program that I still use regularly for taking snapshots of myself (and whoever else happens to be around)!

The effects are pretty useless and over-used by now, but I still use it quite alot for taking snapshots and such. It's easy and comes with the System.

@alej744 : Except for naked women ;-)

All the effects have become old now.
I hate seeing Photo Booth pictures.

So much fun to be had with Photo Booth!